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Welcome to Shipwreck Key...

Forty-nine-year old widow Ruby Hudson, former First Lady of the United States of America, wants to start the second act of her life by moving to Shipwreck Key off the Florida Panhandle. As she mourns the loss of her beloved husband, she turns her lifelong love of books into a whole new career, opening a boutique publishing house and a little bookshop on the charming, pirate-themed island. Her daughters think she’s crazy, but Ruby can finally breathe again without the constant scrutiny and pressure that come with a high-profile life in the White House.

Just as she’s beginning to feel at home on Shipwreck Key, Ruby receives a surprise visit from her husband’s former advisers: a scandalous biography about her husband’s presidency—and about their marriage—is about to come out and rock her world. Ruby is devastated and afraid that the revelations will destroy her husband’s legacy, but as she grapples with the idea of going public with her own story, she realizes that she’s found a new sense of purpose in her life on Shipwreck Key.

Will the new friendships that Ruby’s made on the island, along with the love of her family, keep her afloat? If she fights back against the rumors and defends her husband’s memory, will she finally and truly be able to move on?

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